Friday, October 10, 2008

Feedings Resume - 10/8/08

Emerson's Lastest Update:
On Monday, Emerson was wheeled into the OR at Arnold Palmer Hospital to get a central line. She was placed under general anesthesia and a surgeon performed the operation. I had to sign a consent form which was a terrible feeling. Emerson was wide awake and didn't make a sound. The nurses had to get mommy a chair and tissues because I was a mess!
Emerson came out of surgery and was wheeled back to Winnie Palmer Hospital. When she awoke they removed her breathing tube and thankfully was returned to her original room in Pod 6. She was her normal self and ready to play.

Starting Tuesday Emerson resumed feds again. She is on a special formula that is low carb./low fat that will break down easier in her lymphatic system. She was given 10 cc's every 3 hours. She was really happy to be able to eat again after 4 days with just IV fluids!

As of this afternoon, her chest x-ray looked good with the accumulation of liquid. Dr. Phung is allowing her to increase to 20 cc's of her special formula. Dr. Phung will not be on duty tomorrow so our next x-ray will be on Saturday. We are hoping if Saturday's x-ray looks good we will be able to mix breast milk with her formula. We currently have over 80 bottles of frozen breast milk!!!
Emerson seems to be in good spirits and is excited to get more food.
We pray that we continue to move in the forward direction!
We appreciate all of your prayers- we need them :-)
*I've attached some of our lastest pictures of our little monkey. She is an absolute joy!!!
Love,Travis, Lauren, and Baby Emerson

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