Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Little Ladybug

Since Emerson's adenoid removal and ear tubes she has transformed into a true toddler. Her appearance, confidence, attitude, and interests have all changed! I had to post these pictures from Delaney Park because they crack me up. We stopped by the park on the way to visit with her Great Grandma (hint the fancy dress at a park).

She thinks she is something else!!

Working Girl

Now that she is walking, we are putting her to work!!

Second Wind

Our little beach babe went on a week long vacation to St. George Island. We ended up having to cut it short to return to Orlando for a minor surgery. Emerson had her adenoids removed and tubes placed in both ears. She recovered quickly and now we are ready to go back to the beach!

The cutest

Grammy and Emerson have lots in common. They both LOVE to read!

One cool girl :-)

Our awesome homemade seafood lunch!

Emerson and Mommy in Apalachicola.