Thursday, October 23, 2008

BIG things happening!!

Emerson had an eventful Wednesday! We started the morning by getting a new "big girl" bed. Emerson was starting to outgrow her bassinet so her nurse requested that she be moved into a crib. She is very much a wiggly worm so she has plenty of room to kick around.
She took her x-ray at 10 am which looked wonderful! Dr. Phung moved her 35cc's for her 2 pm feeding. Emerson seemed to be confused with all the milk?!?! We are moving up 5cc's each day until we get to 55cc's (Sunday). If the x-ray's still look good we will start incorporating breast milk into the formula on Monday. Our wish is to get Emerson on a strictly breast milk diet.
Dr. Phung is going on vacation and has given our case to Dr. Lipman. We pray that he will guide us in the right direction!

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