Wednesday, September 29, 2010

E turns TWO!!

Emerson had a fun weekend filled with lots of surprises, family, and friends. She invited some friends to come over and enjoy pancakes in PJ's, we went to the zoo, and even celebrated with ice cream on the big day!
At the end of the evening we decided to watch Emerson's real birthday on dvd. I can't believe how much she has changed in her short little life. I remember sitting on the birthing table looking at her, so little and fragile. Now she is full of life, personality, and spirit. I love you so much little love bug!
***************Happy 2nd birthday********************

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk information

We wanted to send out one last email regarding this years Step Up for Down Syndrome walk.
Please wear your Emerson’s Entourage shirt from last year. If you do not have one but do have a light pink shirt, please feel free to wear that!!

*8:30 Meet at Emerson’s Entourage’s tent on North Eola Drive. Please be on time to be included in the team photo.
* 9-9:30 Welcome and VIP Guests will talk.
*9:30-10:30 Walk
*10:30-12 Festivities, music, games and *FREE lunch.

*To get a FREE lunch ticket, you must register online before October 8th. You simply go to to register your name and/or family. Make sure to register anyone who will be walking (including children in strollers)to guarantee a free lunch ticket!! If you would like to email me your name(s) I can register for you.

*October 7th is the last day to donate to Emerson’s Entourage and be eligible to win for
Most Money. If you are planning on donating, please do so before this deadline. Last year Emerson’s Entourage donated over $6500, we hope to meet last year’s amount!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Big Girl- 23 Months

I can't believe our baby is 23 months old...that means she is ALMOST 2. Everyone tells you that they grow up so quickly and it's so true.

Here are some recent photos of our "almost 2" year old.

Enjoying an afternoon at the Bookworm in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

This one was to put a smile on Daddy's face. She knows how to do the Gator chop and we are working on the tomahowk chop.

Don't leave E alone for a minute. She LOVES her flashcard bag.

Daddy and Emerson catching her first fish.

Celebrating Grammy's last year in her 50's at OLV.

First Day of School

Emerson started attending The Wesley Child Developmental Center at the end of August. She goes to school on Tuesday and Thursday's from 9-3. She is in a class with 7 other children and absolutely loves it! When we pull into the parking lot, she starts screaming with excitement. I've been lucky enought to getting a subbing job at the same school with the same hours as E, so I can keep an eye out!!