Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 16 Months

Emerson busting a move.

Where does the time go? Our Sweet Little Princess is growing by the minute. She continues to surprise us each and everyday. This past month, our family joined the YMCA so that Emerson can be exposed to more children and meet new friends. She has adapted to the new change quite wonderfully. We've asked that she be in the walker room rather than the non-walkers. She loves going to the YMCA and playing with her new friends.

Emerson is continiously on the move. We are currently working on walking with a walker and walking with one hand (for support) to work on balance. Our goal is for her to be walking by May. We would LOVE to see her walking on the beach on our vacation!!

She is making all kinds of sounds. Her favorite word is dada but when she is really upset she calls for me, mama! Thankfully, Emerson loves to read, work on flashcards, and point at new objects which is helping expand her vocabulary.
She continues to eat solid foods unless she is teething. Her favorites are MEAT, MEAT, and more MEAT! She is her fathers daughter. She also enjoys the basics like goldfish, cheese, yogert, and fruits.

Emerson has just started to scribble and play with foam stickers. She takes pride in her pictures, you can tell by the smile on her face! Her current favorites are dancing, making music, and getting her hair blown dry!

*It's amazing how one little person can fill your heart up so much*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E's New Set of Wheels

Daddy has been anxiously awaiting Emerson's new bike trailer. Last night they went for their first spin around the neighborhood. Emerson held on tight to the side pockets while Daddy drove real slow (my request). We are still on the look-out for an infant size helmet.

Full Speed Ahead

Emerson's physical therapist, Miss Rebecca started working on cruising in the beginning on 2010. Since we started, Emerson has been doing extremely well. She is currently working with her walker to get around. From the looks on her face, she thinks she is something else! Watching her excel is the most rewarding feeling.

Watch out.....Emerson's on the road!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

We celebrated New Years Eve by taking Emerson to Sea World. She had a blast!!

It's hard to see in the picture but it was actually snowing!! :-)

She didn't make it until midnight but we did stay until 9pm. We knew it was time to leave when she started waving bye-bye to strangers!

Christmas....Round 2!!!

Santa Austin and Santa Emerson (with snacks) about to open gifts with the Frosch crew.

My giggle reindeer.

Gramma and Pops bought this cool toy for the kids at the lake. Emerson was just practicing, she has a little bit of growing still to do.

Emerson was in love with Austin's Hess racecar. Will she be the next Danica Patrick??

The Joy of Christmas Morning

Emerson and her new crawling tube that Santa delivered!!!

Santa also brought a new craft table just for Little E. She must have been good this year!

Emerson's favorite gift for Christmas....a pink pig lollipop. Mommy likes the Burberry dress that Grammy bought! :-)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

"It's hard to be this cute."

Great Aunt Nancy and Little E with Santa's cookies. Santa requested homemade sugar cookies this year.

Our Christmas family photo for 2009.

Little E and Daddy getting some cuddle time by the fireplace.

Cruising to Christmas Eve service.

Emerson with the Tickle Monster...aka Uncle Brian.