Saturday, October 18, 2008

Emerson is 3 Weeks Old!

This past week, Emerson has been receiving octreotide daily through her central iv. Yesterday, Dr. Phung increased her disage to 6 micrograms per kilogram. This was a significant jump from her previous 2 micrograms per kilogram. Dr. Phung seemed pleased with her last x-ray yet wants to be more aggresive with the medicine. Emerson's saturation rates have been in the high to mid 90's and has been in good spirits. She would like to be able to eat more than 15 cc's of formula but that will come with time. The 15 cc's really only holds in her stomach for 2 1/2 hours so she gets pretty angry before her next feeding. I am still pumping away hoping that one day Emerson will be able to drink breast milk. Our freezer is about to explode with baby bottles! The nurses keep reassuring us that we will go through all of the milk so DON'T throw it away!
Emerson is growing up so fast! Last night before bedtime she dropped her "soothie" on the floor so she put her thumb in her mouth and began sucking away. Pretty resourceful :-) She continues to be a lovable and sweet little baby! We enjoy any/all the time we have with her even if it is in the hospital!!

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Charlene said...

We can't wait to celebrate with you when Emerson says good bye to her friends at Winnie Palmer and says move over Molly.

Our love and prayers,
Pat & Charlie