Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PostOp - Day 7 (Pic Added)

We were a little disappointed to learn that Emerson would not be going home until tomorrow (Wednesday). She had her echocardiogram done this morning and the heart repair looks great. We were even able to see the patches. She has a small amount of fluid around her heart and surrounding her left lung, which is very common and will dissipate in time. The medical staff wanted to wait until she had been off of oxygen a little longer, which is why they are waiting until Wednesday. All of her stats are great and Emerson has been very communicative today with her eyes and even some smiles. As anxious as we are to have her home, we consider ourselves so fortunate to live 3 miles from such a first class facility that was made just for babies like Emerson, Congenital Heart Institute at Arnold Palmer Hospital.


ksegrest1 said...

Good things are worth waiting for!

Diana T said...

It feels so good when God's answer to prayer is "Yes"!