Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post Op- Day 2

Emerson has been moved within the Cardiac ICU to a lower level room. She is doing very well for her second day after surgery. ICU is a constant balancing act -- one thing goes up and one thing goes down. Today, E has a slight temp and her heartbeat is a little fast, which the medical staff think is due to drier than normal body fluids. Yesterday she was swolen with too much fluid. So, she is getting extra Tylenol and some packed red blood cells to bulk up. It is amazing how fast things happen in Cardiac ICU. Her temperature immediately went down. She also has some slight fluid around her left lung. Of course, her pigtail catheter is in her right lung cavity. They will put another pigtail catheter in her left side this afternoon to drain the fluid and determine exactly what it is. We were very relieved to know this is a bedside procedure that will not require extubation. She is doing really really well and we are so glad that the medical staff anticipates things before they are problems. She is awake and somewhat feisty, which is so delicious for us.
I know I run the risk of giving you too much information in these reports. By the time some of you read this blog, things will be altogether different with Emerson's condition. But, I know all of you are curious and care about how she is doing.
Continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.

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