Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome Home Emerson!

On November 5, 2008 we finally brought home our beautiful baby girl! We have been having a great time introducing Emerson to all of her fun things! She has had many "firsts" in the past two days. I've attached pictures of a few:
All of the cards she has received from friends and family, nap with mommy on the couch, walk in my stroller, tummy time (which she loves), and bouncing in my Boppy!
Although she had wonderful care in the NICU and met some extraordinary people, she is happy to be at home with her family!!


ksegrest1 said...

Emerson and Mom look so happy at home together! Welocome home to all three of you! Now start enjoying your time together!

Kristan and Stephen said...

Welcome Home Emerson!

montez McDonald said...

Dear Lauren, Travis and Emerson:

It is so good to see you at HOME
I know you are happy to be there.
Emerson is a beautiful, darling
little one and I know you are going
to be so happy. I am wishing you
every happiness for the future.
Gram McDonald

Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Beep said...

So good to see Emerson happy at home! She really likes that #1 finger ... letting you know you're the #1 mom and dad! Our best to all three of you! We look forward to officially meeting Emerson soon!
Our Love, Great Uncle John and Great Uncle Barbara

Joan V. Stallings said...

She is so beautiful. Joan, Susan's friend on Facebook!

Grammy Forster said...

Who is the #1 beautiful baby girl?

Cassandre said...

Hi guys!!!

I miss Emerson soooo much, but I'm happy she is finally home. Everyone in the NICU agrees that Emerson is blessed with the world's GREATEST parents. I look forward to reading about her progress and seeing her new photos online.

Give Emerson a big kiss for me!
Nurse Cassandre

Kim Marlette said...

So the Marlettes are just catching up on your story. Emerson is so beautiful. Emily is in AWWW of her... We are very proud of you and your husband! We would like your address. Please email it to me at We promise no surprise visits we just want to send something fun to your family. However we would love to meet Emerson! Love, Kim,Tom,Emily and Michael

KRISTI said...


Brian said...

Hey it's Andrea! It was great seeing you today. I am thrilled that Emerson is finally home! What a sweet looking baby girl you two have. :)