Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Emerson was a huge hit on Halloween. When I got into her room at 7:45 am, she already had 5 staff members waiting to see her costume. She was the "Happy Ghost" unlike many babies dressed as pumpkins. We had the lactation specialist come for our 2 pm feeding but she was NOT needed. Emerson had no problem remembering what to do! She has been fully breast feeding as of Friday at 2 pm. The breast feeding has allowed her to get more on a baby schedule. Lots of eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom!!!

At 6 pm the nurse was changing her octreotide to a half dose. She will be on that until the morning and then taken completely off of the medicine. We have a x-ray scheduled for Monday morning to check for fluid.


Aimee said...

She's the cutest ghost I've ever seen!

Michelle Faulk said...

Absolutely adorable...can't wait to meet her!

KRISTI said...

She looks adorable. What a great idea. I saw a billion pumpkin babies but no ghosts! I'm so happy she's eating well, too.