Friday, February 27, 2009


Today was an exciting day! Not only did Emerson celebrate her 5 month birthday but she rolled over in all of the excitement! We started the day off by taking her birthday photo shoot and in the middle of taking pictures, the little girl rolled right over. It was extra special because both Travis and I were watching! I was so thrilled that I called Emerson's physical therapist like a boasting mother.

It is absolutley incredible how a baby can change your whole world!

Emerson smiling for her photo shoot-

Emerson flipped over!!! Back shot-

Proud Baby!


ksegrest1 said...

Hooray for Emerson the tumbling girl!!! Before you know it she'll be doing flips! Way to go Emerson!

Susan said...

You should have A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill as your new background song :)

Bradenton Green's said...

Way to go guys! That is so exciting. I am glad you were both there with her to share in the excitement. What a great Five Month Birthday Present!!!

Love, Ty and Court

Kristan and Stephen said...

Horay for Emerson! It is truly amazing how this bundle of joy changes your life and you can't think of how you lived without them!