Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Emerson is a baby with many expressions! I've captured a few new and old ones for everyone to enjoy.

Emerson and I went to the park to watch daddy practice for his basketball game. Travis, along with other dads of children with Down syndrome, will be playing X106.7 on April 7th. We're hoping that Emerson's surgery will not interfere with the date of the game. Emerson is daddy's #1 cheerleader!!

Loving the hammock!!

"Another picture? This one is gonna cost you!"

I think Emerson is getting used to the camera....what do you think?

Emerson's first trip to the beach. I tried to get a picture with one hand. It turned out pretty good.

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ksegrest1 said...

She is a pro for the camera! What a cutie pie!