Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dunk for Down Syndrome

Today, Red Bug Elementary put on a fundraiser called Dunk for Down syndrome. They asked each child to bring in a dollar to dunk their teacher and/or principal. All money raised goes to Emerson's Entourage! I'm thrilled to announce that they raised $1200!!!
Emerson had a great time hanging out with some new and old friends. She was such a sport hanging out in the heat!

My second grade co-workers.

Dr. Gooch (principal) dressed for the occasion.

The crowd of kids when we got to school. This is only the third grade crowd.

A humongous THANK YOU to Mrs. Segrest for being such an advocate for Miss Emerson. She made this event happen and we are forever grateful for her support!


Brian said...

Yay!!! It was such a great time!

ksegrest1 said...

Glad we could help!

Bradenton Green's said...

What a wonderful event for Red Bug to hold. It is amazing how much one child can be loved. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

-Auntie Courtney