Friday, June 26, 2009

No More Human Preztel

Children with Down syndrome have flexible joints and are able manover body limbs very freely. This unique characteristic is not always good while developing! Emerson now is wearing pink pants to help keep her legs together. She is not crazy about them, but does love the color!!! It's kind-of cute watching her try to figure out what is wrong with her legs. Thankfully, she only needs to wear them for around 2 hours a day.

Our little human pretzel

"I don't think I like these things."

Still moving


ksegrest1 said...

Lucky for E this 80's fashion is back in style!

Susan said...

Poor Emerson -- those pink pants made her hair stand up again :)

KRISTI said...

Oh no! Kerri is right. She just needs a pair of high-tops and scrunchy socks. :)