Monday, March 30, 2009


We just got back from pre-op at Arnold Palmer. After a few pokes, lots of tests, and many questions, we got the go ahead for surgery tomorrow morning. We need to be at Arnold Palmer at 6:30 am to start the sedation process. Most likely the surgery will begin around 8:30 am. Dr. DeCampli believes the surgery will last anywhere from 5-7 hours. His PA will be coming out every 1 1/2 hours to update us on Emerson's progress.
We'll be updating Emerson's recovery throughout her stay at APH. I'm assuming that I will have Grammy write the updates because I might be too emotional.
We know that Emerson is in wonderful hands and has a dedicated medical team working to make her heart healthy.
Our family is grateful for all of your support and kind words.


ksegrest1 said...

Emerson is a champion! I am praying for all of you today and everyday. Hang in there. xoxo :)

Kristan and Stephen said...

We have Emerson and your family in our thoughts and prayers! Please let me know if you need anything.

Bradenton Green's said...

Emerson is such a strong little girl! She looks so cute sitting up, what great posture. She would do well at Palmetto Elementary where we always ask for Palmetto Posture. We love her so much and will be thinking of you all day. Stay strong and positive. You will be in our thoughts even more over these next few days. Granny Susan, keep us all posted. Love you guys!!! Ty & Court

amanda said...

Emerson and the whole Frosch family are in my thoughts and prayers. She is a very special little girl and we will all be thinking of her tomorrow :)

Eden said...

Lauren we are all thinking of you and your family! Emerson is so strong and she is so lucky to have a mommy that is just as strong as she is! I can't wait for updates!! Emerson you really are a CHAMP!

Herod Family said...

Please know that the Herod Family will be praying for your sweet, little girl. Emerson will be your strength. Remember she's in God's hands.