Monday, January 5, 2009

Ringing in the New Year!

Emerson is already enjoying 2009. This weekend Travis and I loaded up Emerson for her first day at the park. We walked around the park once before attempting the playground. Before we even got to the playground gate, Miss Emerson was sound asleep. She had a beautiful nap while Travis and I walked around the park!

Emerson is wanting to sit up so bad these days. I think that she is getting really bored with lying on her back. I placed her in her Bumbo seat today to see how she liked it. She enjoyed sitting up but those cheeks keep weighing her little face down. :-) We're still working on holding up our head!!!

Emerson is chatting all the time now. I absolutley love it!! In this picture she was working on her gu and ga's. She loves talking to Miss Molly (our cat)but Miss Molly only looks at her like she is crazy.

Emerson has offically retired from her Newborn net in the bathtub. She now gets to splash Daddy and the floor! I'm hoping to get her in swimming lessons before too long!


Andrea and Brian said...

I am absolutely in love with her!

Susan said...

I don't know how she gets cuter every day, but she does!

Kristan and Stephen said...

She is SO cute! I bet she loves the bumbo so she can see everything.

ksegrest1 said...

She is the just the cutest happiest looking girl!