Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Sleeper!

Last weekend we went to see Santa at Cypress Grove Park. Emerson wasn't fooled by the fake Santa. She tried to pull his beard off. I'm sure she will get more excited next year!!!

SHE DID IT!!! Last night Emerson slept from 9:30 pm to 7 am! I woke up at 5 am and was so excited that I couldn't fall back asleep. She is growing up so fast. I had to take her picture in her jammies this morning after such an eventful night!!!


Cassandre said...

Hey guys!!!

Look at Emerson!?! She's sooo big! Are ya'll already feeding her steak and potatoes??

SHE IS ADORABLE!!! I could just nibble on those chunky cheeks...

I’m so glad to read about her progress. I can’t wait till she visits the NICU after her surgery. (Hint, Hint.)

Give Emerson a BIG kiss for me!

KRISTI said...

Goodness! Those PJs are fancier than any I've ever worn. ;)

Super cute!

Susan said...

This picture is going in my new frame that Aunt Debbie gave me for Christmas. Can't wait to be near my Emerson SOON! Love, Grammy

Bradenton Green's said...

The cutest baby girl ever!!!
Auntie Glo

Bradenton Green's said...

Tyson and I loved spending time with you guys this past weekend. We just love Emerson! Have a happy New Year!

-Auntie Court and Uncle Ty